Art in Site

Design Studio

We work with artists and architects to develop fresh thoughts on space within a hospital.

Our design work starts from a point of rigorous research which is carried through the design and production to produce site-specific work that is right for the environment. From this, artworks take shape in a variety of forms: wayfinding, furniture, and large-scale wall designs. Each aspect is accompanied by small, thoughtful details throughout the hospital. We do this to ensure the hospital and artwork are considered as a whole, to allow patients, visitors, and staff to feel welcome and cared for throughout their stay.


Our team of professional installers are fully accredited and carry out work to the highest standards.

Using durable and compliant materials to meet the requirements of the hospital and to produce the right work for your space. From finished artwork to final installation the process is managed with detail and care. 

Wayfinding and Placemaking

Our creative, design led, analytical approach is key in the development of novel and memorable wayfinding schemes. 

We work both collaboratively or as designer, producer and installer on schemes at all scales. Our early involvement with architects in developing effective wayfinding strategy helps build strong foundations onto which our creative design can be based. This collaborative approach enables us to develop truly embedded schemes where colour, texture and art underpin the experience. We place great emphasis on clarity for users and promote their inclusion in early decision making. Art, wayfinding, signage and branding work together to create a seamless environment.